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How Do You Measure A Hose Fitting?

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To measure a barbed hose end fitting, use a measuring tape or dial caliper on the tube (not the barb) outside diameter. For example, a 3/8 hose fitting will have an OD of 3/8" on the tube where the hose slips over the nipple. This will give you the hose size that fits the barbed hose end. There are many hose fittings sizes, so proper measurement is necessary to purchase the correct fitting. To measure an AN hose fitting, measure the outside diameter of the threads on the fitting. Then look this thread size up on an AN fitting chart to confirm the size. AN fittings for fuel lines typically are 6 AN (9/16-18 thread), 8 AN (3/4-16 thread), or 10 AN (7/8-14 thread). 


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